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 Address: No. 1, Anlan Avenue, Tianchang City, Anhui Province
Anhui Cable Co., Ltd.

Anhui Cable Co., Ltd. located in Tianchang, a city in east of Anhui Province, next to Yangzhou City on the east and ambient to Nanjing City on the south. The Company is a professional wire and cable producer with independent corporate capacity and years’ experience and capability in design, research and development of cables for nuclear power stations.
The Company covers an area of 466,000 square meters and floor area of 280,000 square meters, including 800 square meters of design field, 6,000 square meters of testing and verification and 200,000 square meters of work shops; Company has 620 employees in total, of whom there are 173 technicians with the degree higher than junior college degree, 39 persons with senior professional titles. 413 workers are professional in cable production and there are 22 designers, 18 checkers and inspectors; the Company has more than 370 sets of production equipment for nuclear power station, including a CCV1-35KV three-layer co-extrusion rubber continuous curing production line made by Kerry Tressler in German, a NOKIA CCV0+3 three-layer co-extrusion cross linked extrusion unit with internationally advanced technology made in Finland, a DDR3.Omev electron accelerator unit made by Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, etc. The Quality Inspection Center is equipped with over 60 sets of instruments of tests and check covering all necessary ranges and the Center has three branches: Cable Testing Center, Cable Combustion Test Center and Cable Partial Discharge Shielding Room, to completely satisfy the testing requirements of national standard for mechanical performance and electric performance of cables in GB/T3048, GB/T3956 and GB4909.
With science and technology as the guideline and quality as lifeline, the Company has won honor of High-Tech Enterprise of Anhui Province and Best Quality Enterprise of Anhui Province and the products of the Company has been authorized as “Provincial Famous Brand Product”; the Company has passed certification of ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system and environment management system and certification of national compulsory “3C” products; trademark of “Anlan” has won the honor of “Well-known Branch of China”.
The Company mainly produces and sells the medium-voltage power cables of type K2 and K3 in class 1E and non-class 1E, low-voltage power cables, control cables, instrument cables, cross linked polyethylene insulated power cables below 35kV, overhead insulated cable below 35kV, polyvinyl chloride insulated cables, plastic control cables, shielded cables for electronic computers, cables for instrument signals, pre-branch cables, warm water cross linked cable for power and control, various safety cables with features of inflaming retarding, fire resistance, low smoke zero halogen, low smoke low halogen, high-temperature special cables of silicon rubber and teflon and shielded cable special for frequency converters.
“Having a broad and wide view and bearing integrity in heart” is the operation principle consistently held by the Company; by absorbing the advanced experience in production and management from the companies in China and foreign countries and searching cooperation with science enterprises, the Company has established a robust technology development system and modern management system so that the series of low smoke zero halogen flame retarding products for Type K2 and K3 of Class 1E and non Class 1E for nuclear power station have been developed successfully and passed the product verification organized by China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF). At present, the power cable of Type K1 of Class 1E used in nuclear island, developed independently by the Company, will go through the phase of analog factory test designed for ACP1000 and AP1000 types of reactors of the third generation of nuclear power stations operating in severe conditions. The success in research and development of this project will reinforce the strategic leading position of the Company in field of nuclear power.
“Maintain a brand with the courage to pioneer and establish a model for the glory to revive.” The Company insists on the policy of human orientation and strives to provide high quality products and considerate services, focus on the customers demand, strengthen comprehensive quality inside and expand market outside and work constantly and diligently to march to the ambitious goal of growing into “advanced company in global field and a top company in China”. At present, the products have been successfully used in many national key projects, including Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Term II Expansion project of Qinshan, projects C2, C3 and C4 in Chashma Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan, Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 and 2 in Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 3 and 4 in Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, upgrade project of HI-13 tandem accelerator of China Institute of Atomic Energy, Ertan Power Station, Daqing Oil field, Luoyang Petrochemical Company, Maoming Pec, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, Lhasa Gonggar Airpori, Gansu Dunhuang Airport, Jilin Chemical Industry Company, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, Ningbo Jianlong Iron and Steel Company, Liaoning Power Company, etc., and have been exported to more than twenty countries and regions, including Pakistan, Iran, Philippine, Vietnam, Sudan, Bangladesh, etc.
 “Make progress even at the limit of advancement”, the diligent and pioneering “Anlan person” will keep the original promise, follow the trend of development of cable industry science and technology, work hard and focus on innovation to provide better technology and services for the customers and make more contribution to development of Chinese cable industry.

Address: No. 1, Anlan Avenue, Tianchang City, Anhui Province
Tel.: 0550-7022056, 7023293      Fax: 0550-7023383
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