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Radiation center

Auhui Radiation Center is the only wire and cable radiation base in Anhui Province invested and constructed by Anhui Cable Co., Ltd. for the production and manufacture of supporting nuclear class cables. The Center introduced DD3.0 high-frequency electronic radiation accelerator (dynamitron) from Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences, with equipment performance reaching advanced international level of similar products. It has the characteristics of wide processing scope, even radiation cross-linking, stable performance, etc.

Currently, our Center could conduct radiation cross-linking processing of a variety of wires and cables and thermal contraction materials, including aerial cables, low-smoking halogen-free polyolefin, radiation cross-linking polyolefin and marine cables, with product external diameter ranging from1.0mmto60 mm. Two sets of loading and unloading systems, including a large and a small one, could make radiation processing of products of different specifications, scopes and lengths, which offer customers with more choices. Radiation processing adopts advanced reflection magnet technology, which makes radiation cross-linking evenness reach advanced level in the same industry and can obviously improve the quality and service life of irradiation products.  

Insisting on quality oriented,Auhui Radiation Center is committed to provide high quality products and excellent service. The Center improves its own quality internally and expands market externally by taking the demands of customers as the focus of attention, and keeps making unremitting efforts towards the goal of building the first-grade radiation process center in China. At present, irradiation products of our Center have been successfully applied to Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Pakistan Nuclear Power Plant, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, LingAo Nuclear Power Project, Beijing Metro, CNOOC, Dalian Shipyard and other major projects at home and abroad.

Based on the principle of “mutual benefits and win-win”,Auhui Radiation Center closely follows science and technology development trend in cable industry and works hard to make innovation and provide better service for users. Our Center warmly welcomes the visit of users!