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Company News
Far East Holding Group Continues to Hold the Position of Chinese Top 500 Private Enterprises
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Recently, List of Chinese Top 500 Private Enterprises 2015 was announced, and Far East Holding Group ranked 170th in the list of “Chinese Top 500 Private Enterprises 2015”, as well as 101st in the list of “Chinese Top 500 Private Enterprise Manufacture”.

Since 2014, the increased speed of domestic economy has slowed down. Faced with the new normal, Far East Holding Group keeps up with the policy guidance closely under the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development, grasps the period of strategic opportunity such as national comprehensive deepening reform, One Belt & One Road and new electric reform, and actively implements diversified development and deploys strategy transition. The profitability of the group is promoted remarkably at the same time of maintaining the solid growth of performance.

The continual holding the positions of Chinese Top 500 Private Enterprises and Chinese Top 500 Private Enterprise Manufacture for Far East affirmed the development achievements of Far East fully; meanwhile, it also blowed the horn of the development of Far East in new period. In the future, Far East will still take “creating value and serving society” as its mission, take to become“ global investment management expert, smarter energy expert, namely, the service provider of smarter energy and smarter city” as its direction, take to become “the enterprise loved by employees and respected by society” as its vision, and will devote its effort to five Satisfactions, namely, “customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, government satisfaction, society satisfaction”. Moreover, it will strive to make its annual operation revenue and annual market value exceed 100 billion yuan in 2020.

Taking total revenue as its main reference index, the list is the ranking results issued by ACFIC on the basis of the investigation of private enterprises above certain scale, and the entry threshold of it increases year by year. It is an important channel to understand and know Chinese private economy and private enterprise, an important window to show the innovative development and transformation and upgrading of large-scale private enterprises and its demonstration effect in leading the development of medium, small and micro-sized enterprises, as well as an important way to share the successful experiences, typical practices of private enterprises in development and realize healthy and sustainable development.

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