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Far East Smarter Energy Incentive Plan with the most spirit of “Partnership”, preached in Forster.
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On Nov. 18, preach meeting of System of Controlling Shareholders Simulating Core Staff to Hold Stock of the Company in a Long Term of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd (Short for: Far East Smarter Energy, stock code: 600869) was held in Far East Forster New Energy Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Far East. Wan Jun, CFO and director secretary of Far East Smarter Energy, was invited as the preaching guest. Cai Daoguo, Chairman of Forster New Energy Co., Ltd, Cai Dong, General Manager, Yang Chuang, Genera Manager of Manufacture Center, Guan Zhijin, CFO, Yang Kesheng, Dean of Management Institute and Vice General Manager, and more than 140 management personnel attended the preach.

Wan Jun, CFO and director secretary of Far East Smarter Energy, giving the preach of equity incentive plan

During the preach, Wan Jun used three key words to interpret the background of the plan of core staff holding shares, “active innovation”, “responsibility” and “development”. 2015 was a year witnessing the strategic transformation and development of Far East; people in Far East were devoted to this event with impressive spirit of pioneering and Far East has displayed the prosperous creativity and attraction of value. Implementation and development of Far East Smarter energy strategy and business needed not only the support of organization but the catalysis by incentive. Based on this fact, Far East launched the historic staff holding share incentive plan to invite everyone to become an incentive holder of Equity of Far East and share the value and benefit of development of Far East. 

He mentioned that this round of incentive plan was to encourage the staff to hold the stock of the company in a long term; the incentive scale was large and special for the directors, supervisors, work team leaders and the management staff above such grade, the professional technicians with degree of and above master and professional degree of and above assistance, including the excellent marketing managers of the Company. Less than 3000 persons were covered in the plan. In addition, the Company would carry out bottom assurance measure to guarantee the benefits of the shareholding staff. If the book value of the stock of Smarter Energy bought by the core staff according to the regulation was lower than the buying-in cost after it’s held continuously for 24 months since the date of registration and transference, the book loss incurred for selling out would be indemnified by Far East Holding Co., ltd. according to the commitment. Therefore, the plan was also called the incentive plan with the most spirit of “partnership” in the history.


Cai Dong, General Manager of Forster New Energy, giving a speech

In the section of interaction of the preach, Cai Dong expressed that merging of Far East Smarter Energy and Forster New Energy was a natural choice made based on strategic transformation and mutual winning of both parties. Forster would depend on the rich resources of Smarter Energy to complete transformation and achieve the target to become the largest producer of 18650 lithium battery in the world, develop and promote construction of cloud platform of BMS battery, improve business of energy storage and finally combine cable with energy storage. He wanted to share the fruit of development of Far East Smarter Energy and Forster New Energy with everyone and create new value with everyone.


Cai Daoguo, Chairman of Far East Forster New Energy, giving interactive comment

Cai Daoguo gave the interactive comment about the staff shareholding incentive plan. He said that as a “Forster person” and a new “Far East person”, we should, besides innovating energies and changing people’s living styles, devote ourselves to a great career of improving the living conditions for the human beings. Far East Smarter Energy had provided a stage for us to act out ourselves and realize our own values. He encouraged all the staff to become partners of Smarter Energy and the holders of incentive equity offered by Far East and share the value of growth!