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Jiang Xipei: Smart Making Strategy and Internet + leading the enterprise transformation
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    On Nov. 18, 2015, Sushang (Nantong) Transformation Summit, i.e. Jiangsu Province Enterprises Internet Transformation Lecture in Nantong was held in the Meeting Center of New District; more than 250 elites in the field of business, including famous economists, famous entrepreneur representatives in China, the entrepreneur representatives in South Jiangsu succeeding in transformation and the local entity entrepreneur representatives in Nantong, attended the Summit to share the successful experience in enterprise transformation by means of smart making and internet + and discuss the development direction of the transformation for the private companies in the period of “the 13th five-year plan”. Jiang Xipei, Board Chairman and CEO of Far East Holding Group, presented the Summit and gave a thematic speech, accompanied by Dai Dajun, Assistant Director of President Work Dept., and Zhou Linyun, Marketing Manager of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd (Short For: Far East Smarter Energy, stock code: 600869).  

 Summit Site

Mr. Jiang Xipei, as an entrepreneur representative succeeding in transformation, shared the process of transformation and upgrading of Far East with the guests attending the Summit by putting light on how to embrace internet + and keep pace with “re-industrialization” and how to establish a smart enterprise by means of resources integration and strategic thinking.

Jiang Xipei Giving a Thematic Speech

He believed that, in front of the complicated economic situation, a company, to survive the financial crisis, needed to determine the strategic target, select a precise development direction, identify the advantages and find out the weak points. Far East had determined solidly to carry out the strategy of “Owner + Investment” so that it could eliminate the principal asset businesses of non-smart energy, focus on perfecting the principal businesses and do some investment of the industry selectively to achieve supplementary advantages and mutual development.

 Secondly, it’s almost impossible to beat Alibaba and Tencent in field of internet and internet of things; however, there was still opportunities hidden in the field of some individual industries. In 2010, Far East established Trading Pay Network Technology Co., Ltd to deploy the vertical B2B in field of electric engineering and launch the construction of “one website and two platforms”. With more than five years’ sound and fast development, Trading Pay Network had become a global vertical electronic business platform of electric engineering with industrial support and achieved stable growth in performance.

 Thirdly, Technology innovation should enjoy the priority, the global leading edge should be the aim and a sound strategic relationship should be established. Far East had a global purchase amounting to 25 billion Yuan every year; only the leading companies could be chosen for cooperation; this type cooperation could be reflected in several aspects. In the future, the enterprises in China would enter an era of faster shuffling; only the companies struggling to building up the edge and the companies becoming the experts in market segment can survive. Other wise, a computer will not see future. The cooperation between the listed companies and between the companies with famous brands had become an inevitable trend. It’s the direction for the future strategy to be implemented in.  

 He also shared his understanding about business pioneering in the age of mass pioneering and massive innovation. He believed that business pioneering would never mean “being a boss” as it used to be traditionally; the system of business pioneering inside the enterprise and business partnership provided the new routes for business starting; and innovation was not just to create wealth, but also to create the best and new value.  

Ding Jiemin Giving a Speech


 Huang Aijun Giving a Speech


 Qian Zhixin Giving a Thematic Speech

 The Summit was held jointly by Economy & Information Commission of Nantong, Federation of Industry and Commerce of Nantong City and Jiangsu Merchants Promotion Association of Jiangsu Province. The theme was “Previewing the 13th five-year plan: concept of smart making and internet + leading transformation and upgrading of enterprises”. Ding Jiemin, former vice Director of NPC Standing Committee of Jiangsu Province, Huang Aijun, vice Mayor of Nantong City and Xu Shouming, vice Chairman of CPPCC of Nantong City and Chairman of Federation of Industry and Commerce. Qian Zhixin, a professor in Nanjing University and Dean of Sushang Institute, and Xu Honghai, Chief Director of Shanghai Institute of Process Automation Instrumentation, gave the thematic speech. Some entrepreneur representatives in Nantong succeeding in transformation shared their experiences to provide the direction and goal for the entrepreneurs and institute leaders in Nantong to search for a development indication and new energy of development for their own enterprises.