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The Deputy Director General of NNSA Guo Chengzhan Visited Anhui Cable for Survey and Guidance Work
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On December 3rd, the group of Deputy Director General of National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) Guo Chengzhan, the Deputy Director of Nuclear Equipment Section Gu Jianfeng and Director of North China Nuclear & Radiation Safety Supervision Station Jiang Guang, 5 people in total, visited Anhui Cable Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Anhui Cable”) for survey and guidance works. The CEO of Anhui Cable Liu Zhijun, Vice General Manager Gao Yunwen, Yan Lixin, Chief Engineer Zhang Wanyou, etc., were in the company of investigation and survey.

Liu Zhijun (right) introduced the company’s import of 35KV medium voltage crosslinking production line from Troester Company of Germany to Guo Chengzhan

The group of Guo Chengzhan and other leaders went deep into the first production line, visited and investigated the company’s special cable plant, detection test center, raw material warehouse, nuclear finished products warehouse, smart medium voltage plant and other sites, and had an understanding of product production process control, the operation of technological structure and quality guarantee system, technological R&D and innovation and other situations in detail.

Director General Guo Chengzhan communicated in the forum

In the forum, Director General Guo listened to the report of company as to the situations such as Hualong One ACP1000 Type K1 cable project used in harsh environment, the R&D, fitting, manufacturing, nuclear quality guarantee system operation of AP1000 cable projects in shell carefully. He affirmed the long-term contribution made by Anhui Cable to the development of national nuclear power cause, and put forward the following requirements and expectation for Anhui Cable Co., Ltd:

Firstly, we should get a clear understanding of the new situation and adapt to new situation. It includes development situation, security situation, supervision situation and market competition situation.

Secondly, we should get a clear understanding of the position in industry and particularity of ourselves, and be aware of the significance of nuclear-grade cable fully.

Thirdly, we should adapt to new demand and new normal, and have foresight in R&D of nuclear power.

Fourthly, we should meet the new challenge, and catch up with and surpass the world’s advanced level.

Finally, Director General Guo hoped that Anhui Cable could continue to increase the innovation strength of itself, be a model in the industry, and strive for faster and better development in future, make a greater contribution for the development of nuclear power cause! 

The scene of forum