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Media reports
Jiang Xipei: enterprise can go further only by completing “five satisfactions”
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      Xinhuanet News link: http://www.ah.xinhuanet.com/2015-09/14/c_1116556332.htm

  “Internet +” has provided limitless margin of imagination for the companies; facing the challenges from the new generation of pioneers, how will the existing successful companies transform in the new era to embrace the new spring? What is the source power of growth of the companies in different industries and with different scales? In “Night of Sina” in Summer Davos 2015 held on the evening of the 9th, Jiang Xipei, Board Chairman and CEO of Far East Holding Group, Yang Yue, President of Yifang Group, Lu Wei, Chief Secretary of Internet Society of China, Xu Jinghong, Board Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd., and Qin Jun, Board Chairman and President of Tsinghua Holdings Kechuang Co., Ltd. had an inspiring discussion about how the traditional companies and newly-rising companies learned from each other.

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    For the changes brought from the newly-rising companies to the traditional companies, Jiang Xipei said that Far East was transforming from a traditional cable producer to a service provider of smart energy and smart urban system. The transformation had created the space of growth for the company and led the company to a right way of development. The traditional companies needed to accelerate and the importance of speed was doubtless. However, speed should be combined with craftsmanship systematically. It’s worth considering the feature of your industry, the services desired by your customers and the values you could create for your customers; for a company, a long-term run means the satisfied customers, employees, shareholders, governments and society (namely “five satisfactions”).


  Jiang Xipei giving a speech

  For the question how the traditional companies transform to embrace the new spring, Jiang Xipei expressed that we have to face both “internet +” and “+ internet” and a company should embrace internet and internet of things actively; the new hope can be created only by close combination. He introduced that Far East Smarter Energy began to establish Maimaibao Internet Technology in as early as 2010 to establish a vertical B2B in the field of electrical engineering and started construction of “one net and two platforms”. With five years fast development, Maimaibao has grown into an electronic business platform supporting the global electrical engineering and the performance also grew steadily. He pointed out that, for advantage in both business mode and technology as well as in the system of business partnership introduced as early as 20 years ago, Far East needed to learn from the successful and outstanding companies to struggle for the edge of every step. The growth of new powers of generations born after 1980 and 1990 would bring limitless energy; a company without breakthrough in this aspect would hardly survive.

  Jiang Xipei expected that it would be impossible to see thousands of companies in one industry, and in the next five to ten years, eight or nine out of ten companies would be gone. He suggested that the young pioneers who wanted to build a desirable company should “focus, have the highlighted attractions and bring value to the investors in future” and the premise was that the technology and products and services were recognized by the investors.

  “Night of Sina” in Summer Davos 2015 was a night talk show produced by finance.sina.com.cn, zhisland.com and Dalian TV with the topic of “when the best meets the best”. Many company leaders and famous experts and scholars in China and abroad attended the meeting, including Deng Qingxu, vice-president of Sina, Liu Donghua, founder and chief architect of Zhisland.com, Wang Haibo, Board Chairman of 99114.com, Xiahua, Board Chairman of Eve Group, Guan Dongyuan, senior vice president and president of China region of Embraer S.A., etc.

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