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At the Opening Ceremony of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, Far East Cable Lightens the World’s Largest Cross-Sea Bridge
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On October 23, the opening ceremony of the world’ largest cross-sea bridge—Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB) was held in Zhuhai, and President Xi Jinping attended the ceremony and announced the official opening of HZMB. As the strategic supplier of main work - traffic engineering of HZMB, Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd., (referred to as “Smarter Energy”, stock code: 600869) provides high quality products and services to HZMB Project.

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (Picture Downloaded from the Internet)

 HZMB, which crosses the Lingdingyang, and connects Hong Kong at its east end and Zhuhai and Macau at its west end, is the first large scale cross-sea traffic engineering firstly and jointly constructed by the Guangdong Province, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macau Special Administrative Region under the policy of “One Country, Two Systems”, and also the world’s largest cross-sea bridge project. The overall length of HZMB is 55 kilometers and integrates bridge, island and tunnel, in which undersea bridge tunnel of the main work is 35.578 kilometers, with three cable-stayed bridges, whose bodies are structured with steel. Besides, HZMB can resist 8 grade of earthquake and 16 grade of typhoon, with 120 years of design service life. The completion and opening of HZMB further improves the comprehensive transportation system and highway network of China as well as Guangdong Province, Administrative Region and Macau Special Administrative Region, and is of strategic significance to the harmonious development of the three regions.

The smart traffic cables produced by Far East Cable subordinated to Smarter Energy have been fully applied to nearly 30 kilometers mileage of the main bridge, including illumination, power supply and distribution, comprehensive center of charging communication and other related facilities, with shipment quantity exceeding RMB 100 million. At the same time, the technical services team of Far East also participates in design of the engineering system, and provides comprehensive solutions for operation of the Project.

HZMB Project is the project of the largest scale, the most complicated technology and the largest construction difficulty in current highway mechanical and electrical installation projects in China. In order to smoothly fulfill the task of HZMB construction project, the technical services team sticks to the service purpose of “Answer All Questions, Grant All Requirements, Responsibility System of First Asking”, and provides high quality services during the Project. The Technical Services Department of Far East has successively designated several batches of engineers to the site of HZMB main traffic engineering to assist China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd. to complete overall technical services such as model selection, construction, installation & guidance and commissioning.

Partial Members of Far East Technical Services Team

Before receiving the project order, Far East established “HZMB” project team, with General Manager as team leader, and principals of technical, production and quality lines arranged by special project company also participating in. By the beginning of 2015, after winning the bidding, Far East started design of technical parameters, field investigation, and confirmation and design of matching performances of electric wires and cables and accessories, making full preparations for site construction.

Concerning product design and R& D, after nearly three months, due to complicated site environment, Far East carried out more than ten times of sample trial-production for relevant products, which were all finished with overtime work within 3 to 4 days. Finally, it took less than 4 months from product design to completion, and inspection of all products supplied were qualified in later period, which guaranteed smooth progress of the Project.

Concerning site construction and testing, Far East put much attention. Affected by the environment, the degree of thermal expansion and contraction of the bridge in winter and summer would reach about 1.5 meters, and installation of electric wires and cables needed to take flexibility into full consideration. Through several times of field investigation, Far East made several discussions with China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd., which was responsible for electrical installation of the main bridge, and finally confirmed that the bridge would be laid in “S” shape, ensuring sufficient reserved length and tactfully avoiding environmental disadvantages.

During testing, as electrical equipment in the main traffic engineering bridge sections of HZMB were installed on bridge piers or inside box girders, Far East staff involving the project construction carried testing equipment weighing dozens of kilograms for inspection back and forth, and walked more than dozens of kilometers every day, so that the test and commissioning in each stage were extremely precise, without any mistake.

Far East sticks to customer-oriented aim and manages to provide the best products and services. With such intention, it has completed the construction and services of HZMB-related cable projects, and full ensures smooth opening of HZMB.

Far East hammers at becoming globally leading service provider of smart energy and smart city, and provides smart cable products and systematic solutions for a series of national key projects such as Three Gorges Transmission Project, Shanghai Expo Project, Shanghai World Financial Center, maglev trains, CITIC Tower and Tiangong No.2 Spacelab. In the future, it will make greater contributions to the development and construction of national and social economy under the guidance of “Made in China 2025” Strategy and “Belt and Road” Initiative, etc.