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Zhejiang Zhuan Construction Group Leaders Visited Far East for Affairs on Strategic Cooperation
Clicks:557Add time:2015-12-09

    On the morning of December 8, the group of the Vice-general Manager of Zhejiang Zhuan Construction Group Co., Ltd Fu Baicheng and Hainan clients visited Far East to talk over on matters of strategic cooperation, the Board Chairman and CEO of Far East Holding Group Jiang Xipei, the investor, Director, Senior Vice-general Manager of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd (short for: Far East Smarter Energy, Stock Code: 600869) and CTO & CQO of cable industry Wang Chuanbin, investor, Director Assistant and Far East Cable Marketing Director Shi Linjun, etc. received them.

Jiang Xipei (Right) and Fu Baicheng had kind communication with each other

    In the symposium, Jiang Xipei introduced the development situation of Far East in recent years to the visitors. He emphasized that, under new normal, enterprises were faced with severe transformation pressure, so “collaboration and win-win cooperation” would be an important way for the enterprise’s survival and development. He indicated that, Far East would deepen the cooperation relation with Zhuan Construction Group, and defense economic chilliness together. Wang Chuanbin introduced the main categories and technical indicators of wire & cable products of Far East to the visitors, and made a key report on the protective cables concerned by the visitors.

Scene of symposium

    Fu Baicheng affirmed Far East’s position in its industry, praised that the wire & cable products of Far East had “reliable quality, and could let people trust”. Under harsh external conditions, the wire & cable products of Far East had good performance and were reliable. He expressed his wish of strengthening mutual trust and strategic cooperation with Far East, and was willing to develop hand in hand and have win-win cooperation with Far East. The two parties in symposium also carried out communication and discussion on topics such as spirit of contract and business administration.

Visitors visited EHV Cable Plant

    Visitors also visited Far East International Wire & Cable Experiential Museum, Smart Medium-Voltage Cable Plant and EHV Cable Plant of Far East Smarter Energy, etc. successively.