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Happy the Far East New Year
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Spring Festival, is the warmest and most festive holiday of the year for the Chinese , and also the warmest, the most tender ceremony.

In such a fireworks-filled, human festival, table delicacies from land and sea in the frying and cooking staged a sweet and spicy drama. Plain Shandong cuisine, warm Sichuan cuisine, fine Cantonese cuisine, peaceful Su cuisine, elegant Fujian cuisine, refreshing Zhejiang cuisine, unrestrained Hunan cuisine, mellow Anhui cuisine, north and south, eight major cuisines competing to release charm.

On this happy holiday of family reunion

The Far East presents you with a table for New Year's Eve

Take you enjoy the reunion on the tip of your tongue in the light and warmth

Feel the feelings in the taste buds

Good fortune goes ahead - Far East Holdings Co.,Limited


The lion's head is named for its shape

Beautiful, fat but not greasy

Fist-sized meatballs firmly on the big brother's bench

Like the Far East over thirty years

As a leader

Leading the development of high-quality industry

Wealth and abundanceFar East Smart Energy Co.,Limited(Hereinafter referred to as: Smart Energy  stock code:600869)


Sweet and sour, steamed...

Several years of spring and autumn,the cold and the hot

What's changed is the cooking method. What's not changed is the mandarin fish on the table

Such as the smart energy that sticks to in changing and unchanging

In the changes of the times, the main industry has been deeply cultivated

To protect the light and warmth

Sweet and Honey - Far East Cable Co.,Limited


Glutinous rice with dates and raisins

Soft waxy smooth, pure sweet fragrance

A mouthful is full of happiness

Like a consistent Far East cable

Using Extreme Products and Services

To protect the lights

Joyful - New Far East Cable Co.,Limited


Fresh lamb with speciality sweet sauce

With the delicacy of sauce to achieve the free and easy meat

The aftertaste is endless between lips and teeth

Like the high pitched new Far East cable

Top the industry heights with leading technology

The Power of the Nation Shines in the World

Prosperity and Flush - Far East Composite Technology Co., Ltd.


Fat and lean pork in casserole after a long simmer

Soft and sweet, the entrance melts

Firmly occupy the table of the people all over the country

As steady-forward far east composite technology

Stick to the lifeline with quality

Injecting Far East power into a strong smart grid

Auspicious - Anhui Cable Co., Ltd.


In the burning flames

Drawn from the depths of the ocean

Showing the glamour of the ocean's top ingredients

Like a unique Anhui Far East cable

With the spirit of being the first

Become a strong industry model

Ambitious - Jing Hang An Airport Engineering Co.,Limited


A steady, powerful flame

Make the aroma in the stew more intense

The old duck's freshness is richer against the lotus seed and ham

Just as Powerful Jinghangan

In this new era , full of opportunities

With the courage to move forward

Merrily gather - Far East Power Battery System Co., Ltd


The tenderness of chicken, the freshness of bamboo shoots and mushrooms

Fully released in salty and sweet collisions

Pass through the taste buds to the depths of the emotion

As far east battery systems

With more advanced assembly processes

Allowing new energy batteries to release more energy

Harmony Jiangxi Far East Battery Co., Ltd.


Boil the bacon with the bamboo shoots

Game in the mountains inspires the charm of traditional cuisine

Fresh red and warm white match each other

Like Jiangxi Far East Battery

In the realm of wisdom

Drive "lithium" thinking

Have a bright future - Far East Battery Jiangsu Co., Ltd.


The golden skin has an inviting aroma

Fine chicken, no oil, no wood

Fully fragrant deep bone marrow

As the time-bound far east battery jiangsu

Broad prospects based on new energy industry


This is the most memorable taste of the years, is the most lasting memory in the mind, that is the strong unopened love, is the deep unforgettable love.

That table of food, is the heritage of culture, is the continuation of blood, bearing the expectations of the coming year, the hope for the future.

Sharing New Year's Eve, let the Far East and you welcome a better new life!