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New ideas New initiatives New action - cross-border marketing campaign to refresh Far East brand
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With the end of the double 11, the Far East "double 11 global carnival" also came to an end.Following the Gold Award for Public Relations Activities in the "Best Intern Challenge in the Far East ", won the 2019 Golden Flag Award , far east again to subvert the traditional, bold innovation image, appears in the public view.


Creative activities face up to consumer upgrades

Since the reform and opening up, the rapid growth of China's economy has led to the upgrading of consumption structure. From physical commodity consumption to service consumption, and then to experience and feel consumption.During the upgrading of consumption structure is people's pursuit of quality of life and yearning for a better life. In this context," safety "and" quality "have become the primary concern of consumers.

On the other hand, with the rise of the 80s and 90s new generation of consumer forces, consumer groups gradually change to cross-border groups, young groups, they have a younger, more stratified, tagged characteristics. In order to meet the needs of new consumers, in addition to products, brands need to attract the target audience through content, community, word of mouth, values.


The activity is based on the economic environment,view new consumers demand from a user's perspective , takes the cross-border group and the young group as the target audience, selects shopping malls with concentrated population as the activity place, through the creative display, lets the B-terminal product enter the audience vision, so as to break through the limitation of traditional marketing

Creating Thinking Reshaping Brand Image

At present, there is great convergence in product category and technological innovation in cable industry , and fierce the competition of industry homogenization. We need to reshape the brand image urgently to create a differentiated brand personality from the homogenization of the competition out of the siege, so as to break the bottleneck of development and continue to lead the development of the industry.


The event caught the pain point of unmatched market between home wire service life and housing 70 years of property rights, with "new domestic goods" to redefine the product, upgrade the product connotation, give the product a higher dimension of the brand concept.

At the same time, starting from "the people's yearning for a better life ", reinterpreting the good life and happy life, transforming the rational appeal of transmitting electricity and transmitting power into more perceptual spiritual perception of warmth, light, happiness, security and stability, using the desire of" vowing to be the lamplight and protecting the happy life "to arouse the emotional resonance of the audience, giving the traditional cable brand a deeper humanistic connotation, shaping the" most warm industrial brand "and showing the image of the far east brand in the new period.

Innovative ways to reach target audiences

  The arrival of the big data era has changed the consumer's catalyst habits and traditional marketing model. In the past double 11 shopping carnival," national tide "surging, domestic brands are becoming more popular, many cross-border brands are more popular. In this process, social platforms play an important role. Under the new media habit, more and more brands use social software to spread content and reach commodity transactions through community interaction.


 In this trend, the event specially invited a certain influence of the home decoration industry KOL for product endorsement, expanded the impact of the product through the influence of KOL. The activity also invited the top internet influencer to sell goods through the live broadcast platform, to achieve fission propagation . In order to further expand the audience, not only the the form of flash shop to display the product, but also through cable crafts DIY to attract the attention of different circles of the crowd,then shorten the distance from the target population.


It is worth mentioning that far east and LYFEN broke the boundary between different fields and carried out a cross-border integration, adding more points and topics to the activities from the perspective of satisfying people's pursuit of quality of life, .

The activity aims at the characteristic of different audience circle layer, with the help of the influence of industry KOL, internet influencer, creating the whole platform, multi-dimensional, online and offline combination of melt media matrix , improving the audience attention for online sales platform drainage through the fans attention to accumulate private domain flow.

  This innovative marketing approach was introduced into the traditional industry, online and offline linkage, cross-industry joint creative activities, in WeChat, Weibo, voice, today's headlines and other social platforms widely spread through overseas platforms such as LinkedIn to enhance international influence. In addition, it also attracted the attention of the media, such as NetEase, First Finance and other media, triggered the whole network discussion and hot discussion. During the event, the whole network spread nearly 85 million times, far east created a leading industry trend of popular style activities again through the reconstruction of content and interaction of the underlying logic, furtherly enhanced brand awareness and influence.

In recent years, traditional industrial brands are under the agitation of the new era ,is seeking change and rebirth and having fresh gestures . As an industry leader, the far east is activating the brand, focusing on the core main industry, constantly digging deep into the brand intangible assets, with the strength of the brand to promote the enterprise to achieve high-quality development.

Another creative activity is over, but there is no end to our exploration and innovation on the road to brand building.