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Symposium of Party Representatives Congress Seeking Enterprise Opinion Was Held in Anhui Cable
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Recently, in order to learn the industrial enterprise development situation of our city fully, further promote the ability to assist and serve business, municipal Party committee and municipal government organized to hold symposium of congress of party representatives seeking enterprise opinion in Anhui Cable. Municipal Party Secretary Jin Weijia, Mayor Zhu Dagang attended the meeting. General Manager Assistant of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd (Far East Smarter Energy for short with stock code: 600869) and CEO of Anhui Cable Liu Zhijun was invited to attend the meeting and offer advice and suggestions.


Entrepreneur representatives made a statement


In the symposium, CEO of Anhui Cable Liu Zhijun introduced the overall situation of development of Anhui Cable and the encountered problems and difficulties since 2015, and put forward concrete opinion and suggestion on further strengthening enterprise resources integration, promoting governmental service ability and other aspects.


Municipal Party Secretary Jin Weijia and Mayor Zhu Dagang listened to opinions of entrepreneurs carefully


In the symposium, Municipal Party Secretary Jin Weijia fully affirmed the great efforts made by all entrepreneurs for the economic development of Tianchang since this year. Jin Weijia indicated that, in the Year 2015 which was about to pass, faced with the overall economic environment with complex and inconstant situation, the operation situation of industrial economy of Tianchang City still kept better development trend, and reached to the expected goal established by municipal Party committee and municipal government at the beginning of the year. The achievement of these performances couldn’t do without the concern and support of superior leaders and the unremitting efforts of all entrepreneurs.


As for better promoting the industrial economic development of the whole city, further promoting assistance ability, Jin Weijia put forward four opinions:


Firstly, strengthen the connection with entrepreneurs. Leaders of all levels and comrades in charge of the related units should come to enterprises more time for assistance and support in practical process, understand the dilemma and problem of enterprise development on spot, have more communication with entrepreneurs, increase mutual trust, give advice and suggestions for enterprise development practically.


Secondly, build atmosphere vigorously. Propaganda department should propagandize entrepreneur models with great efforts, extract entrepreneur spirit carefully, and further promote the confidence of entrepreneurs in development.


Thirdly, promote industrial union and alliance. The related units should plan and research carefully, assist enterprises for better industrial planning, build union platform, make great efforts in assistance and support for enterprises. We should further promote resource integration between enterprises, set up good platform, and provide good external environment for cooperation between enterprises.


Fourthly, spare no effort to assist and serve. We should optimize service environment, put forth effort to solve the phenomena of “the door was easy to enter, the face looked well, but the problems were hard to solve” in departments and window units. We should not only improve the attitude to help business, but also promote service level, build service network platform for assistance well, further promote service ability.


In the symposium, Mayor Zhu Dagang indicated that he would fully take in the opinions and suggestions of all entrepreneurs, and formed report after integration and consolidation. All departments of all levels should take serving the economic development of Tianchang Industry as direction, take solving problems as goal, spare no effort to boost innovation and pioneering work, respond economic new normal, cultivate new engine for development, form new growth points; further transform style of work, innovate service philosophy, enhance service efficiency, strengthen communication mechanism construction, coordinate and solve the encountered problems in enterprise development timely, and provide enterprise with high-class development environment, and provide power for the economic development of Tianchang Industry.


Scene of symposium