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The Voice of Far East III Ended Successfully
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On the evening of December, 18, final of The Voice of Far East III was held in Harmony Auditorium of Far East University solemnly. 11 finalists performed dialogue between strongers, and competed in the peakedness. Upon nervous and ordered contest, No. 11 contestant Qiao Jixiang from the Market Department of Anhui Cable was crowned as the new king of singer of Far East.


This contest invited Vice-general Manager and CPO in cable industry of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd (Far East Smarter Energy for short with stock code: 600869) Zhu Changbiao, Director of General Manager Working Department of Smarter Energy Tan Aimin, Principal of Party & Worker & Masses & League Department of Far East Holding Group Kong Qunling, Deputy Director of Development & Service Department of Smarter Energy Liu Li, Factory Director Assistant of smart medium-voltage Cable Factory Yu Jun, Director Assistant of Brand Cultural Center of Far East Holding Group Zhang Yunfei, Wu Jianbin from Logistics Center acted as judges for final, and the teacher of Gaocheng Primary School Wu Zhiqiang was invited specially as judge. The jury was united and organized by public appraisal of 9 employees loving music, and received contest ranking by adoption of mode of grading on spot. The contest was presided over by Wang Tingting, Director Assistant of Brand Cultural Center and the hostess of Program Far East View.


Group photo of Zhu Changbiao with first-prize winner Qiao Jixiang

Group photo of Tan Aimin with second-prize winner

Group photo of Yu Jun with third-prize winner

Group photo of Kong Qunling with the winner of Excellence Award

Liu Guobin from Crosslinked Cable Factory 2 sang the song Today

Qian Zhangqiang from Electric Power & Cable Factory sang the song Manifesto

Cao Yun from Cable Business Department of mmbao.com sang the song That Sea

Xu Yan from Party & Worker & Masses & League Department sang the song Cutting off Love

Shan Xiao from Quality Control Department sang the song Serenade in the Middle Month


The contest began with a song Today from No. 1 Contestant Liu Guobin. “Finally wait for today after waiting for so long, finally realize the dream after dreaming so long”, the low and deep but mighty voice performed this great musical composition of Andy Lau to the point. No. 2 Contestant Qian Zhangqiang brought a song Manifesto of Anson Hu, and declared the love of football with rock music with perfect expressive force on the stage, and gained cheers of audience under the stage. In the song That Sea from No. 3 Contestant Cao Yun, heartfelt and genuine emotion and beautiful melody brought out the best in each other and were deeply moving. No. 4 Contestant Xu Yan challenged the song Cutting of Love of Zhang Huimei, and her alto voice was full, high pitch was bright, quite of the elegant demeanour of A-mei. No.5 Contestant Shan Xiao offered up a song in Cantonese-Serenade in the Middle Month for all, and the graceful and moderate melody led audiences into the long-ago recall.


Zhou Baoqing from Development & Service Department sang the song Love Me or Not

Zhang Tao from Detection & Computation Center of Technical Research Institute sang the song Icy Rain

Wu Meiqin from Special Cable Factory sang the song Small Flower of Bride

Chao Yanping from Development & Service Department sang the song Original Dream

Zhou Qian from General Manager Working Department sang the song A Lark Flying from Barracks

Qiao Jixiang from Marketing Department of Anhui Cable sang the song Mother


After the link of lucky draw in the middle, No. 6 Contestant Zhou Baoqing sang a song Love Me or Not of Zero Band, which performed the blame and confession of love with warm interaction with audiences, igniting the whole audience. No. 7 Contestant Zhang Tao also selected a classic love song-Icy Rain, fighting with Zhou Baoqing across the air with mix of bitter love and deep love in singing. Small Flower of Bride from No. 8 Contestant Wu Meiqin was fresh and moving, as if returning to childhood. No. 9 Contestant Chao Yanping offered up an encouragement song Original Dream to all, warning all people not to forget the “Original Dream” with sincere singing. No. 10 contestant Zhou Qian came on the stage with military uniform, and offered up a song A Lark Flying from Barracks. As the academic school not many among contestants this time, the bel canto of Zhou Qian made audiences find everything fresh and new, and gained applauses of audiences with solid art of singing and terrific stage temperament. Qiao Jixiang, who came on stage finally, performed a song Mother of Yan Weiwen with deep love, and sang out the great love without words of the mother love by plain words of song, with great influencing effect.


After contestants finished singing, professional judge Wu Jianbin came on stage with a song Droma. The resounding voice and rough and plain singing style manifested professional level, and pushed the contest to climax again.


Zhu Changbiao made a statement


Zhu Changbiao congratulated to winners, and he said that, this singing contest competed out the level, and was a contest of high quality. He hoped that contestants could make persistent efforts, strive to gain honor for Far East in higher and larger stage. Meanwhile, he called on Far East person to continue to carry forward, never be satisfied, pursue excellent enterprise spirit, struggle for progress, develop and innovate, and make unremitting endeavor for reaching strategic development goal of group in 2020!


Compared with the previous contests, the scale and influence of this contest enlarged further. The contestants showed high singing level, and left happy memories on the stage. They offered up an audio and visual feast for Far East person, and also added a brushstroke with thick and heavy color for the enterprise cultural construction of Far East.


Attachment: List of winners in The Voice of Far East III:

The first prize: Qiao Jixiang

The second prize: Zhou Qian, Zhang Tao

The third prize: Zhou Baoqing, Chao Yanping, Qian Zhangqiang

The best temperament prize: Xu Yan

The best stage style prize: Cao Yun

The best potential prize: Shan Xiao

The best popularity prize: Liu Guobin

The best performance prize: Wu Meiqin

The best group of relatives and friends prize: Zhou Qian