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Media reports
Jiang Xipei: Starting up Business is No Longer“Be Boss”in Traditional Significance
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Recently, Vice-chairman of China Enterprise Confederation, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Far East Holding Group Jiang Xipei had a dialogue on topics such as the spirit of contract of enterprise and enterprise transformation with the former Undersecretary of National Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the former Secretary-general of Boao Forum for Asia, President of Center for China & Globalization (CCG) Long Yongtu, President of Kerui Project Cheng Jianxin, President of Qicai Stocks Fei Fugen and so on in the first session of “Global Social Entrepreneurs Forum”.


Long Yongtu made a statement in dialogue

Jiang Xipei (second from left) made a statement in forum dialogue


Jiang Xipei thought that, we should do the following for enterprise transformation: orientation shouldn’t be wrong, strategy should be clear, system should be explicit, we should do according to our abilities in investment planning, give comprehensive consideration to distribution mechanism. Under the background of the public starting up business and millions of people innovating, starting up business was no longer to “be boss” in traditional significance. Starting up business inside enterprise and enterprise partner system provided new thought for starting up business.


The 7th Secretary-general of the United Nations Kofi Atta Annan went to Beijing for meeting in special trip. He made a speech in the opening ceremony of forum, and had an on-spot dialogue with the attended Chinese entrepreneur representatives. Jiang Xipei, Chief Architect of Zhenghe Island Liu Donghua, Chairman of the Board of Sun Media Yang Lan, President of Eve Group Xia Hua, etc. were invited to attend the meeting, and gave the speech and dialogue on spirit of contract and social ecology. The director of group Xu Haoran attended the meeting together.


Kofi Atta Annan made a speech


Kofi Atta Annan indicated when making a speech that, the relation between economic development and zero release strategy was not ebb and flow, and they could be considered together. At present, there had been many enterprises which shifted from use of fossil fuel to use of renewable energy sources, and promoted low carbon technological research and development. The action of China had confirmed that, the exploitation of clean energy such as solar energy and wind energy, could not only drive economic development, increase employment rate, but also offer convenience to rural residents. Kofi Atta Annan called on that, despite of the scale of every enterprise, they should integrate realization of sustainable development into their marketing strategy, work flow and enterprise value chain, perform responsibility together, and greet the brand-new era to develop sustainable economy.


Jiang Xipei made a keynote speech


In the keynote speech, with the combination of the thought of development and operation philosophy of Far East Holding Group for 25 years, Jiang Xipei shared the innovation and development thought of enterprise with the attended distinguished guests.


He indicated that determination of the strategic target and precise orientations of development direction were the primary principle to grasp for successful enterprises. 10 years ago, when most enterprises still faced the selection of “professional” or “diversified” development, Far East had confirmed the strategy of “main industry + investment” firmly, which got rid of the non-smart energy assets operation of main industry to the best of our ability, focused on running main industry well, and had industrial investment with selection, realized complementarity of advantages and mutual development at the same time.


Secondly, establish scientific management system. The guarantee of system is crucial for the long-term development of enterprise. The management system, leader promotion system, and stock ownership encouragement system of Far East are all the most important systems. Meanwhile, also establish performance evaluation system of “361” internally, namely, to give resource and platform to excellent employees with performance ranking in the first 30% places; encourage and promote 60% of employees, urge on and eliminate backward employees.


Thirdly, starting up business, innovation, creating excellence and creating wealth shall keep pace with each other neck and neck. The environment for starting up business needs to be established inside the enterprise. Far East built enterprise partner system 20 years ago, which let all employees have opportunity to be shareholder. Enterprise also needs innovation. Every enterprise faces with innovation in mechanism, system and management, and enterprise needs to use good business model, top technology, first class quality and service to obtain clients; enterprise also needs to create excellence. It shall provide product and service with the highest cost performance by the fewest materials and consumption in attitude which can satisfy client, employee, stockholder, government and society. The responsibility of entrepreneur is to lead employees in becoming rich together, create more value and let resource and wealth inherited while running enterprise well.