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Industry News
Energy Development Determined Four Main Goals in 2016
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Director General of National Energy Administration Nur Bekri said on the 29th day of this month, the energy development in 2016 should realize goals in four aspects, structure optimization, total consumption quantity control, guarantee capability strengthening, and efficiency promotion.


Nur Bekri introduced that in national energy working meeting held on that day, firstly, energy structure should be further optimized. Non-fossil energy consumption occupied in the proportion of one-off energy consumption should reach to 13.2%, the proportion of coal consumption should reduce to below 62.6%, and the proportion of natural gas consumption should increase to 6.2%. The proportion of installed machines for electricity generation with non-fossil energy should increase to 35.7%.


Secondly, total consumed energy should be further controlled effectively. The total one-off consumed energy should reach to about 4.36 billion tons standard coal, the total electricity consumption should reach to about 5.7 trillion KWH, coal consumption quantity should reach to about 3.96 billion tons, the apparent consumption quantity of petroleum should reach to about 550 million tons, the apparent consumption quantity of natural gas should reach to about 205 billion CBM.


Thirdly, the guarantee capability of energy supply should be further strengthened. The yield of one-off energy should reach to about 3.6 billion tons of standard coal, and among them, there should be about 3.7 billion tons of coal yield, about 220 million tons of oil yield, about 140 billion CBM of gas yield (including shale gas, coal bed gas), about 1.7 trillion KWH of electric energy yield with non-fossil energy.


Fourthly, energy efficiency should be further promoted. The heat-engine plant consumed 315 grams of standard coal to supply power per KW, which reduced by 1 gram on year-on-year basis. The discard rates of wind and light declined obviously.


Nur Bekri introduced that, in the next year, we should firmly grasp to compile and release the energy development plan in “the 13th Five-Year Plan” and specialized plans of electricity, coal, etc. On the aspect of non-fossil energy, we should strive to increase installation of wind power machines to above 20 million kilowatt, increase installation of photovoltaic power generation machines to above 15 million KW. In addition, we should boost the approval for construction of a batch of new coastal nuclear power projects reliably, and begin to construct CAP1400 demonstration project.


On the aspect of fossil energy, he said, we should control the scale of coal power productivity effectively, establish a risk pre-warning mechanism for coal power construction, and prohibit building coal-fired power plant for provinces with red and yellow early warnings. We should strictly control the increased productivity of coal. In principle, we should suspend the examination and approval of newly built coal mine projects within 3 years from 2016; speed up to eliminate laggard productivity, and strive to close over 1000 laggard coal mines in 2016, with productivity of 60 million tons in total.


In addition, he said, we should complete the general planning of oil gas structural reform, and promote reform in key links such as exploration and development admittance, separation between network and transportation, and promote the fair opening of oil gas pipe network, complete the price mechanism of oil gas.