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Jiang Xipei: There will Be No Spectator in 2016
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On Jan. 23, “2016 (tenth) Annual Meeting of Nationwide Jiangsu Businessman Leaders”, sponsored by Jiangsu Sushang Development Promotion Association, was held in Nanjing solemnly, the member of Standing Committee of Jiangsu CPC Provincial Committee and Vice-governor Xu Ming, Vice-chairman of Jiangsu Provincial CPPCC Luo Yimin and other leaders attended this annual meeting. Chairman of the Board and CEO of Far East Holding Group Jiang Xipei got together with over 500 Jiangsu businessmen at home and abroad to talk about new opportunity for reform and development together.

Vice-governor Xu Ming made a speech

Vice-governor Xu Ming issued the honor of “the 12th Five-Year Plan ? Jiangsu Businessman Leaders Respected Most” for Jiang Xipei

In this annual meeting, the list of “the 12th Five-Year Plan ? Jiangsu Businessman Leaders Respected Most” was announced, Jiang Xipei and Chairman of the Board of Suning Commerce Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Jindong , President of Hodo Group Zhou Haijiang, President of Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings) Ltd. Ren Yuanlin and other magnates got this laurel.

Jiang Xipei (seventh from left) won “The 12th Five-Year Plan ? Jiangsu Businessman Leaders Respected Most”

In school rostrum of Jiangsu businessmen, Jiang Xipei and Zhou Haijiang, Ren Yuanlin, President of A.O. Smith (China) Corporation of USA Ding Wei, Chairman of the Board of Tiangong International Co., Ltd. Zhu Xiaokun , President of Jiangsu King’s Luck Brewery Joint-stock Co., Ltd. Zhou Suming, these six magnates sent out the opportunities during the period of “the 13th Five-Year Plan” in their eyes, and intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, manufacturing industry servicizing, integration of industry and finance, etc. became new power of transformation and upgrading for Jiangsu businessmen during “the 13th Five-Year Plan ”.

Jiang Xipei made a speech in school rostrum

Jiang Xipei indicated that, in the face of severe winter, nobody could keep out of affairs, and there was no spectator in 2016. Today, Jiangsu businessmen could get together to communicate, interact, share, and it was believed that Jiangsu businessmen were bound to have prospect, the economy of Jiangsu was bound to nice, especially for China's economy. Meanwhile, he also put forward that, at present, the development of enterprise was faced with many difficulties, which needed top-level design. China should have good business environment, no matter lowering cost or tax rate, fee, interest rate, exchange rate, etc. It was hoped to obtain the top-level design of government, and it should think of, speak of, achieve, and do well!

As for entrepreneurs, they needed to change, as well as innovate. Enterprise should ascertain the direction of future, the strategy of development, aim at global leading technology, meanwhile, and innovate business model and institution and mechanism.

Under the current economic environment, bank and entrepreneur should be able to carry out transpositonal consideration, needed to huddle for business to face difficulties together. At this moment, future economic development could be better only when we could tolerate and understand each other.

The credit system in the whole society is under construction, the cost of breaking one's promise would be higher and higher. Jiang Xipei called on that, we could really realize making our country strong by brand and quality only when we could change bidding mechanism in competition with low cost, build the environment of good quality and good price, create products with high quality and the value of products with famous brand indeed.

Scene of 2016 (tenth) Annual Meeting of Nationwide Jiangsu Businessman Leaders

In this meeting, “Top 10 annual economic personages from 2015 Jiangsu businessmen” was also issued, President of Jiangsu Shagang Group Gong Sheng, President of Jiangsu Fasten Group Zhou Jiang, President of Jiangsu King’s Luck Brewery Joint-stock Co., Ltd. Zhou Suming and other excellent entrepreneurs were listed. What is worth mentioning, the meeting also issued the lists of “the 13th Five-Year Plan ? future stars from Jiangsu businessmen” and “2015 annual Internet new prominent CEOs from Jiangsu businessmen” in advance, a batch of new faces jumped into public horizon.

This annual meeting took “Asking direction for the 13th Five-Year Plan: potential energy of reform & impetus of Jiangsu businessmen” as the theme, and showed the “strength of Jiangsu businessmen” and “Chinese vitality” to the world. Around the layout of “the 13th Five-Year Plan”, “Reform at supply side” was attached much importance by Jiangsu businessmen. Deputy Director of the Institute for International Strategic Studies of the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China Zhou Tianyong attended this annual meeting. As an authoritative expert who put forward shifting from management at demand side into management at supply side early in 2012, he made a keynote speech on Reform at Supply Side & Policy to Be Implemented, which pushed aside dense fog and clarified structure for transformation development among Jiangsu businessmen.

”As a platform with crash of capital, intelligence and resource“, Annual Meeting of Nationwide Jiangsu Businessman Leaders has been held for 10 sessions till now, with over 5,000 person-time of number of participants, and now it has became a high-end platform for appearing of entrepreneurs, officials and scholars, as well as a top-level grand meeting in Jiangsu business year to collect spirits of Jiangsu businessmen and show the image and brand of Jiangsu businessmen.