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Media reports
Smarter Energy: Far East Material Trading Center Was Approved by Provincial Finance Office
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Source: Securities Daily ● www.ccstock.con Date: Feb. 24, 2016

On the evening of Feb. 23, 2016, the notice of Smarter Energy announced that, Far East Material Trading Center, built on the basis of cable-ex.com with investment of 100 million yuan, had been formally approved by Jiangsu Provincial Finance Office. After the establishment of this trading center, the original categories in trade remained unchanged, the trading system carried out connection with the system of Jiangsu Exchange Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd., and it would start business upon the acceptance of provincial finance office.

As shown by Smarter Energy, after the establishment of Far East Material Exchange, the company would supervise and urge operation group to centre on the overall strategy “Internet Plus” of the company, utilize continuous goods in stock, introduce market information and other various forms of transaction modes, which could not only realize the delivery of real business transaction, but also meet the hedging demand of customer. And thus it could realize that on the basis of original One net based on two platforms in mmbao.com, further get through the whole online and offline industrial chain business model from the end of raw material to manufacture end, and then to the final user end.

It was known that cable-ex.com was built in 2011, with devotion to becoming global leading trading platform for materials of goods in stock. With the development for over 5 years, it had built mature management system and business model, and established partnership with over 800 corporate enterprises, with trade categories covering bulk commodities such as copper, aluminum, rubber, and plastic.

What was worthy of the attention of investors, Far East Material Trading Center would carry out trading system connection with Jiangsu Exchange Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd., unify registration and settlement, which could further guarantee the security of trading capital for customer, prevent and control trading risks, increase transaction and settlement efficiency, and thus further strengthen market credibility, in order to better serve the real economy.

Institutional research report thought that, femmb.com was one of the firmest practitioner of “Internet plus” business in the industry. By virtue of the key support of Smarter Energy, as well as a series of effective measures, the system of femmb.com and the platform of material trading center were increasingly perfect, the rudiment of Internet financial ecology also took shape, but the current value was underestimated, so the space for promotion in future would be very large.